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Edwood Thornhands

Edwood Thornhands

Quirky photomanipulation combining a decaying wood slice eerily resembling a happy face, and a close-up of tree thorns copied over symmetrically. Also processed with monochrome shades of sepia.

If interested in the backstory behind the title, feel free to read below:

Meet Edwood Thornhands. His origins are uncertain, although some rumors suggest it started with a slug hopped up on moonshine from a bootlegger's distillery abandoned after Prohibition (circa 1933). A very drunk slug who would come to infect trees it burrowed into, until one rotting tree in particular became animated with moonshine slug ooze.

Enter the legend of Edwood Thornhands, a mischievous forest spirit roaming the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. He is commonly described as a solitary creature stalking hikers out on the trail, observing human gestures in a constant quest to find loving company.

What better than a hug? Edwood wonders to initiate friendly contact. Completely unaware of the harm his thorny hands can inflict, and often faced with a crushing sense of rejection as most humans flee away from him in panic.

As a result, Edwood has grown ever more frustrated over the years, and resorts to playing pranks on unsuspecting people. Examples include overnight campers by jolting them out of their sleep, or patient birdwatchers / photographers by scaring the wildlife away. Allowing himself to be seen for a split second before quickly retreating into dense forest shade, and often leaving his victims to question their sanity.

Unknown at this point how the legend of Edwood Thornhands will evolve. He is a very volatile spirit, and might very well turn psychotic if his basic need for companionship remains unsatisfied. There are days he feels better than others, especially when the odd human shows some interest in him instead of running away.

This is all in good fun of course, Edwood Thornhands is a purely fictional character :-)